The Best Furniture Shops in KL

Without proper furniture for your living room and bedroom, your house is essentially incomplete and nonfunctional. Therefore it is extremely necessary to consider purchasing good furniture, as it primarily determines the quality of life for your home. Although some of these options may seem expensive, it is definitely a smart long-term investment as high quality furniture have better longevity thus guarantee durability and comfort, as compared to old furniture which can become cramped and even cause back problems over time. Without further adieu, here are some of the best furniture and home improvement stores in KL.

  • Linds Furniture
    Located in Bangsar; Linds Furniture showcases some of the most high quality modern furniture in the city. It offers a wide variety of designs including but not limited to; sofas, chairs, coffee tables, beds, stools and many more. It also offers plenty of home improvement items such as magazine holders, clocks and night lamps which are guaranteed to change the vibe of your home. Whether you’re looking to furnish your bedroom, living room or even workspace you’re likely to find a variety of options at Linds that will help transform your home to resemble a grand complex such as G Residence KL, property for rent seni mont kiara and pantai hillpark for rent.
  • Gudang Damansara
    Another favourite for those residing near Bangsar; Gudang is located inside Bangsar shopping center and excels in contemporary furniture designs. It offers a range of products apart from furniture as well, such as home accessories and lightning. From colourful and intricate cushions to brighten up your sofas, to unique vases for your garden, Gudang basically sells everything and anything that you require to give your home a complete look.
  • Little World Furniture
    If you’re looking to set up and decorate a room for your little one, then surely there is no better option than Little World Furniture, as it features all the elements from race car beds to princess beds that will make any child scream with excitement. It is also a good place to come window shop for new ideas and find inspiration if you are unsure about what your child will like. The helpful staff also provides interior design ideas so you are left feeling completely satisfied.
  • Joy Design Studio
    Another great option in Bangsar is Joy Design Studio, that also features a great sale, where you can find great combinations for your living room such as 3-seaters with tables, and more. You can avail this great promotion and many other spectacular deals and offers through their website, and save up to RM 3,000.
  • Kedai Bikin
    Kedai Bikin is a local furniture shop in Kuala Lumpur where the designs are completely crafted by Malaysians. They have some of the most intricate and elaborate chair designs, which are already great standalone pieces by themselves but when paired with other lawn and patio furniture will really make your garden and balcony look beautiful. Apart from chairs, Kedai Bikin also showcases other types of seating furniture, as well as tables and home accessories featuring some really unique designs and patterns, incorporating materials like concrete, tempered glass and parquet. This furniture shop would definitely be suitable for properties such as pantai hillpark for sale bangsar south and seni mont kiara kuala lumpur for sale.